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Slint - Don, Aman

die gro?artigen, riesigen Slint! als ich den text h?rte, und ihn dann las... also, ich finde mich da irgendwo wieder. Der ganze Text, das Konzept, es geht auf.

Don stepped outside.
It felt good to be alone.
He wished he was drunk,
Thought about something he'd said,
And how stupid it had sounded
He knew he should forget about it
And decided to piss, but he couldn't.
A plane passed silently overhead,
The streetlights, and the buds on the trees,
And the night, were still.

It finally came. He took a deep breath.
It made him feel strong, and determined
To go back inside.

The light.
Their backs.
The conversation.
The couples romancing, so natural.
His friends stare,
With eyes, like the heads of nails.
The others.
With amusement
With evasion
With contempt.
So distant,
With malice,
For being a sty
In their engagement,
Like swimming underwater in the darkness,
Like walking through an empty house,
Speaking to an imaginary audience,
being watched from outside, by no-one
A song without a key
He could not dance to anything.

Don left,
And drove,
And howled,
And laughed,
At himself.
He felt he knew what that was.

Don woke up
And looked at the night before.
He knew what he had to do.
He was responsible.
In the mirror
He saw his friend.


f?r 10? ist das echt ein must have, nur vinyl is noch besser!
12.2.06 23:20

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